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Smart home network infrastructure

  • Comprehensive network solutions: Our high-speed Wi-Fi and wired setups ensure seamless internet coverage, bridging every digital device across your home.

  • Enhanced network security: Deploying security measures to protect your digital life against cyber threats and unauthorized access.

Intuitive home automation hub

  • Intuitive control hub: Simplify your daily routine with a central hub that manages all smart devices effortlessly.

  • Unified smart device management: Control lighting, climate, and more through one sophisticated easy-to-use platform.

Uninterrupted comfort with our dedicated support and maintenance services

Video conferencing solutions for home office

Adapt to the new normal with ease. Our video conferencing solutions are designed for the home office, featuring:

  • Professional equipment: high-quality cameras, microphones, and displays ensure you’re always seen and heard with clarity.

Security and surveillance

Ensure your home is safe with our advanced security and surveillance systems, including:

  • Smart cameras, sensors, and access controls: for comprehensive monitoring and protection.

  • Remote monitoring and notifications: Stay informed and in control, wherever you are.

Support and maintenance

Our dedicated support and maintenance team is always at your disposal, offering:

  • Ongoing support for your entire home automation system, ensuring everything operates smoothly.

  • Regular system health checks: To maintain optimal performance and preempt potential issues.

Infrastructure management

Our holistic approach to infrastructure management means every aspect of your home’s technology is overseen, including:

  • Centralized management: For all IT and communication infrastructure, offering simplicity and control.

  • Proactive monitoring and alerts: To identify and address issues before they impact your lifestyle.

  • User-friendly application: For effortless remote control and monitoring of your systems.

  • Personalized user profiles: Ensuring a tailored, individual experience for each family member.

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Dinis Coelho’s IT & Communication services are created to ensuring your home is not just connected, but intelligently designed to cater to your lifestyle.

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